Packaging production

Production and selling of plastic and metal packaging:


Metal packaging is most commonly used packaging in chemical - technical industry. It is appropriate for all masses, especially those which are based on solvent. We produce classic cylindrical metal packaging with diameter of 99 and 108 mm. Besides standard dimensions, the height of packaging can be made according to your wishes, but then the volume differs. Standard volumes are 0, 5, 0, 75 and 1, 0 lit. Closing is possible by metal cover such as cans for sprays and paints or with different plastic caps like caps for diluters, with B component or by tying together cover brims and can rim such as closed tins of pâté. Packagings of different volumes and types are available via other packaging producers.
Wide range of different types, diameters and heights of packaging including small cases, cans, bins, buckets as well as barrels and containers from 75ml to 1000lit are included in our metal packaging offer. Since our activity of producing packaging is already a tradition, we can help you choose the most appropriate packaging for you. Together we will consider the volume, mass, possibility of packaging and cartooning, and find the best solution for the filling. Careful, it matters what and how you fill it and also how do the packaging look like, especially when it is on the store shelf among other packagings!


Plastic packaging from our program is mostly produced with the moulding technique and it is designed for technical – chemical – alimental industry. Plastic packaging includes bucket of 1 to 22 liters, which can be of oval, square and round shape. It is made of PE and PP material of different thickness, which influences on firmness and tightness of the packaging. The firmness and tightness also depend on the mass, type of transport, etc. Buckets are of various volumes - 1.0, 3.3, 5.5, 10, 12, 16 and 20 liters. Standard bucket color is white, but it could be any other from the RAL color card. Plastic packaging can be labeled on both sides or around the bucket rim, screen printing is also possible.
Plastic packagings, which we can provide from other producers, are blown, jetted and PET packagings such as bottles, cases, cans, buckets, barrels and containers - cubes. For closing of plastic packaging we offer you sprayer, pump, baybsafe, non-evaporate and other types of closing. You can find more about this packaging under
Plastic packaging. Our production of plastic packaging is described under Production of tubes.

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