Production tubes

Production of plastic tubes,  tube labeling or printing

Monolayer plastic tubes of different diameters, lengths and tube nozzles are made on moulding – extrusion machine (Tube volume chart). First, the machine moulds tube nozzle and shoulder, the shape – size of nozzle, tube diameter and the type of  cap thread are fixed, then the process of casing extrusion follows, after that the tube gets finished and the machine makes the tube rim. The shape, length and final diameter of the tube are formed in this step. When the tube is done, an automatic hand grabs the tube and places it into the cutting machine, where the final tube length (volume) is fixed. Later the hand puts the tube as far as the bus, which puts the tube into the carrier. The tube gets then labeled or printed with intended design (Graphic tube preparation). Our main priority with the tube design is labeling, which has in our opinion more advantages than printing. However, if you wish, we can also print the tube with the help of offset printing office.  During or after tube printing the tube cap is put on. The caps are mostly stand up and flip top (picture below) in different color combinations and shapes, all the others are mostly custom made or caps designed for special need or use. Tubes of different types of materials or prints may be provided with the help of cooperation with our partners.

    stand up     stand up soft    custom      flip top

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