Tube filling

Filling plastic,  
laminate and

Tubes are filled on automatic filling lines. The machine itself puts tubes into the handle, position them regarding the print design, then fills them with the mass, closes or welds with hot air (laminate and plastic tubes) or closes with tongs (Al tubes). It also identifies - marks every tube, cuts off welded part of the tube and ejects filled tubes out. We then pile or pack the tubes into boxes, on bases, in blister packagings or on sales displays etc. according to the needs. The speed and way of filling depends on the type and volume of the means in connection with the type and size of the tube. We fill liquid and also very compact masses. The tube shape and quality has to meet the standards, while dimensions and volumes have to reach the measures below. For all the tubes, which are out of mentioned limits, preliminary filling tests are recommended. (

-  filing volume     2 ml  to 350 ml
-  tube length   60 mm  to  250 mm
    -  tube diameter    10 mm  to  50 mm
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